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Ni shi mei li Wo shi lang

Ni shi mei li Wo shi lang

So back when I was on a exo scenario blog I wrote this, they deleted all my stuff but luckily a friend of mine reminded me I had a notebook of the scenarios printed. So I re-typed one of my favorites.
You heard howls in the distance, and the sounds of leaves crunching under your feet. Your bag was long gone and along with it your only hope for survival. You had dropped your grim war somewhere in the woods, meaning you only had common spells to work with. There was no time for magic though, you were being chased, by what you feared most, wolves.

~Earlier that day.~

Warm autumn wind blew through the camp. It was early afternoon and the sun hung low in the sky and crisp leaves fell from the trees landing softly on the ground before getting stirred up by the little children running around. You were gathering firewood for dinner, which was your job most of the time. Every hour or so you would get a break and would be able to practice some various spells.

The danger that you and you camp were in wasn’t apparent until it was too late. Three wolves came running into the camp, barking and snarling they caused a panic. Werewolves and Witches were at war, and they were in your peoples’ territory, which was against the rules. Several men stepped up putting you and the other women and children behind them, arming themselves with nothing but their wands and the elements.

One wolf stepped forward and shifted from his wolf-like appearance into looking like a man. He was tall and slender and stared at the two others telling them to back off a bit. “My name is Kris. By order of our alpha you’re to leave this land before sundown or we will drive you out.” The werewolf said before handing one of the men, which had stepped out to protect the women and children, and giving him a piece of paper.

The wolves left after that but knocked over a few tables and ruined some food beforehand. We had until sundown to be gone. Otherwise they would hunt you and every other witch in your camp down and your people were not strong enough for that.
You were running as fast as your legs would take you. From clearing to clearing there was no sign of your people. You were lost, stranded, and the sun was hours gone. If you were found the wolves would do whatever they wanted. They could kill you, and you wouldn’t be able to fight back, not without your grim war.

The ground had gotten rougher. You stumbled and rolled down a bank hitting your head on the trunk of a tree. Pain shot from your head all the way to the tips of your fingers, everything was spinning and you felt as if you were hallucinating. You pulled whatever strength you had left to try and stand back up. Your head felt like it had split into two and separated like a nut shell. Someone helped you up and held your wrists keeping you from swaying.

“What are you doing here, you should leave. It isn’t safe for you here.” The person said leaning your head back so you could see. He was tall, and had blonde hair that was longer on top of his head and above his face. He took a hand and touched you cheek. You flinched knowing what he was. He was one of them, a wolf.

The man laid you back down in the leaves and lifted your head up. “Hush now, doesn’t move or they will sense you.” He said holding his hand to your mouth. You stayed still like he had said and waited. Three wolves had found you. They were walking on the bank that you had rolled down moments ago.

“Tao! Did you see anyone run past here?” One of those things called out to the man that was protecting you. Tao looked at you and held a finger up to his mouth and stood up. “I saw something but it was moving fast and I had my back turned. It went that way.” He said pointing the opposite direction of where you had been heading. The three wolves that had been chasing you ran in the direction he had told them.

Tao watched them leave before picking you up. “Don’t fight me. I’m not going to hurt you.” He said when you tried to resist him. Your mouth was dry and you didn’t know if you could make words, but you tried. “Who are you?” You asked letting him pick you up and carry you away. “My name is Tao. Don’t talk. You hit your head pretty hard. Your safe now, so don’t worry okay? I will take care of you.”

You didn’t fight him. Quite frankly you didn’t want to. You rested in his arms and trusted he would keep his word. After all he had already lied to other wolves about you. Why would he rat you out after protecting you once.

You fell asleep as he carried you, and dreamed that you were back home, with your family and your camp. Tao was in your dream as well. He was walking with you in the woods and you were both laughing. It was a good dream, the kind of dream where anything could happen.

When you woke up you were in something soft, and warm. You opened you eyes to see Tao with his back to you, he was cooking something. The pain in your head came back all too quickly and you groaned in pain. He turned around quickly and got some medicine. “Good you’re awake. You head hurts doesn’t it? Here this will help.” He said handing you a cup of warm liquid, medicine.

You drank it slowly, almost choking on the vulgar taste. Tao handed you water quickly. “I know it taste bad but you have to drink it okay? It’s the only thing that will help.” You finished the medicine and drank the water. Surprised at how quickly the headache you had started to clear up. “Thank you.” You whispered looking up at him handing him the empty cup of medicine.

Tao smiled and touched your hair. He rubbed it in between his fingers and then looked at you. “I’m glad you are okay. If my brothers had gotten a hold of you… I’m glad I found you before they did.” He said. You looked at him and placed your hand on his. “You saved me. Why? You are a werewolf, and I’m a witch. We are supposed to be at war.” Tao set the cups down on the floor and looked back at you. “That stupid war, it should have never started. I have no intention in fighting the witches. I think we should be working together, not against each other. This is why when I saw you I did my best to save you.” He said.
You looked him over, he was honest, kind, and you owed him your life. He saved you. You could have been dead, or worse, tortured for ransom in this dammed war. Tao was one of the few werewolves you had ever met that felt this way. Even before the war there were few of them that would work with the witches. One of them was a caretaker of you. When your Father told you the witches and wolves were going to war it changed you world. There was never a reason for it, simply that the wolves loathed the witches for some mysterious reason. Tao was right. This war was stupid.

“Are you hungry? I’m not a great cook, but I did try and make you something edible.” Tao said walking to a table that stood in the middle of the room. “I am. Thank you Tao.” You said calling him for the first time by his name. He smiled hearing you say his name. Pouring something into a bowl he started to carry it back to you in bed but you shook your head. “I can eat at the table. I am civilized you know.” You joked. Getting out of bed wasn’t easy, you head still had a dull pain and your legs were sore and tense. But you managed and walked over to the table. Noticing you were in different clothes you looked to Tao. “Where are my clothes?” He pointed over to the window. “They were caked in mud and had blood on them, I washed them for you.” He pulled the chair out for you and sat the bowl of what looked like kimchi.

“It smells good.” You said tasting it. It was fairly good, but what position were you in to complain. You ate the food quickly and bowed to Tao. “Thank you for the food. I’m very grateful.” He took the bowl to wash it but you took it back. “I’m capable of washing my own dirty dishes Tao.” You said pushing back your sleeves to clean the bowl. “Of course you are.” He said leaning up against the cabinet. “By the way, can I know your name?” He said handing you a cloth to dry the bowl with.

“It’s Y/N.” You said, telling him your first and last name. His mouth dropped open and he stared at you. “You’re the leader of the witches’ daughter?!” He said sounding a bit alarmed. You looked at him like he was over reacting. “Yes, My Father and Mother are who lead our people. Why does this matter?” You said putting the dry, clean bowl up by the others. Tao began laughing a bit and threw his head back. “Not only did I save a witch, which is enough to get me killed, I happened to save the one my brothers want dead the most.”

You set the cloth in the sink and crossed you arms. “And who are brothers?” You asked curiously. Tao sighed and held up one finger on one hand and two fingers on the other. “We are known to you as the twelve.” You gaped at him and then laughed. “Our families hate each other.” You said a little dumbfounded. Tao nodded and laughed with you. “I know.”

Biting your lip you began to think of how you were going to explain this to your Father. “We are supposed to hate each other.” You said looking to Tao. He stopped laughing and ran his fingers through his hair. “Yeah, but I don’t hate you. Do you hate me?” You looked at him and rolled your eyes. “No.”

Tao stretched his arms and yawned. “Then don’t worry about it Y/N.” You looked at him and followed him until he turned around and looked at you waiting for you to say something. “How can I not worry about it? Our families and our people are at war. If my Father knew I was with you he would kill you, and probably me too. This isn’t okay Tao. If they find out we could be killed-” You said but was cut off by Tao putting his hands on your face and kissing you softly.

You were a bit shocked and also a bit uneasy about it but feeling his hands caress your face and his strength holding you to him made you feel better about it. His soft lips grazed yours and his hands were cool against your flushed skin. He looked at you and waited for you to say something. “Our parents do not ever, ever find out about this.” You said looking at Tao before both of you started laughing. “Agreed.” He said, he walked over to a desk and brought back a map. “Now, let’s find out how we are going to get you home.” He said spreading the map on the table.

“Do you know where they were going?” He asked pointing out where you were and where you were last night when he found you. “They were heading here.” You said pointing to the clearing on the opposite side of the woods. Tao nodded. “That is a trip I want to take with the sun up. That will make sure that my brothers are not awake and around, or at least most of them. And it’s safer for you to travel in the day time anyway.” He said drawing out a path you and him would take to get you back to your family.

“So, Mr. I have everything figured out, what happens when we get there?” You asked seeing if he had thought that far. Tao looked at you leaning against the table. “I get you there and I leave, hopefully before any one sees me.”

“And that’s it. We let our families keep fighting and just pretend this never happened? Why don’t we try and stop this war Tao, you said yourself that it was stupid.” You said getting a bit frustrated. Tao patted your head and looked at you. “If I knew what I could do to stop this war, I would. Don’t think that I’m okay with it Y/N because I’m not. I don’t have a choice.” You looked him in the eye and pushed his hand away. “Yes you do. You have much say in this war as I do. My Father would try and jump to conclusions but my Mother, she would reason. You could explain that you saved me. She would be grateful and would be willing to end it. I’m an only child. My parents would do anything to know I was safe. I hate to think what they are doing right now.” You said trying to get Tao to understand.

Tao walked away over to the bed and brought back a book. “Y/N, Me saving you isn’t going to end this war. If it were that easy this war wouldn’t exists. If we want to end this then we are going to have to have a better plan then just saying ‘Hey dad let’s end this war it’s pointless and one of the wolf boys saved Me.’ because that won’t work.” He said setting a hand on your arm. You covered your face with your hands. “This is so dumb.” You said sitting down and resting your head on the table.

“Tao rubbed your back and sighed. “I know it is, know it is Y/N.”

“Tao.” You said quietly. He nodded and looked at you moving your hands away so he could see your face. “Yes?” You leaned over and hugged him tightly. He rested his chin on your head and wrapped his arms around your back letting you vent. “It’s okay, alright? Please don’t cry.” You tried not to, you tried to be strong, but you had had enough of this war. You were done fighting, done running from the wolves. It was time for changes to happen between the wolves and the witches.

Tao let you go back to bed because you were still feeling badly after hitting your head the night before. He left and locked the door telling you he would be back soon that he needed to make an appearance to his brothers to avoid suspicion.

You fell asleep and dreamed again. This time it was a clearer and vivid dream like the one you had when Tao carried to his home. In the dream it was early spring and you were running around a field with your cousins playing football. You let them play on their own when Tao approached you. He kissed your cheek and walked with you down a trail. He held your hand and kept smiling, on your finger was a small diamond. About the time you dreamed that you jolted upright in bed. Rubbing your face to wake up you began searching around Tao’s home. You needed a candle. 
You found one in a drawer and sat it on the table. Focusing you were able to light the candle, using spells your mother had taught you about decoding a dream, and deciding whether it was a vision or just a dream. You mumbled the spells watching the flame closely for answers. Sure enough the dream you had just seen wasn’t a dream at all, it was a vision. What you had seen would come true, if you did exactly what you were supposed to.

Tao walked through the door tired, he looked at you and you put out the flame on the candle and smiled way to casual. He looked at you then walked over to the table. “What are you up to?” You put the candle up and stood in front of Tao. “I had a dream, I was checking to see if it was a vision.” He nodded and pulled off his shirt to change into something more comfortable. “Well was it?” He asked. You decided to be brave and walk up behind him running your fingers down his spine. “Yeah, I think it was.” You said before kissing him softly. Tao brushed your hair back with his hands. When you backed away he was blushing. “Why did you do that?” You laughed at him, he had kissed you earlier and you didn’t ask him why he did that. “Well, it has to do with my vision you see.” Tao jumped around to look at you. “What did you see?” You sat him down to explain everything.

“Werewolf children and witch children playing together. The war was over, there was something else too.” You explained. Tao raised his eyebrow. “Can I guess?” He asked. You smiled, this was a good sign. “Yes, you can guess.” You said.

Tao leaned forward. “I bet that I was with you in the vision.” He said grinning. You rolled your eyes. “Tao be a bit more specific.” Tao got something to drink and looked at you. “Okay so we were together together. Like in a relationship, that’s what I think.”

You laughed trying to cover your embarrassment. “And why do you say that?” You asked curious what brought him to that conclusion, even though it was correct. Tao looked at you but avoided eye contact. “Because, your pretty and I like you and if it weren’t for this war I would like to be with you.” He said, making you go silent. “Tao, what if that’s all it would take to stop this war?” He looked at you and thought for a moment. “If it works then we have what we want, and if it doesn’t then it wasn’t meant to happen anyway.” He said.

Tao made you go to bed shortly after, the plan was to leave early so that he could get you to your camp before any of the wolves woke up. You slept well that night and woke up before Ta to make breakfast for the both of you. When he woke up you were changed into your clothes and had food on the table. “Good morning Y/N.” He said smiling and sitting down to eat the food. Within minutes you were on the path to the other side of the woods. Tao walked close to you and you talked about simple things. When it got quiet between you two you reached over and took his hand in yours, squeezing is softly to get him to smile.

“Do you think your Father will be okay with this?” He asked looking up at the trees that were changing colors. “Honestly, I think he will just have to listen, and we will just have to see.” You said when you reached the outskirts of the woods. The camp was a few hounded feet away. Kids were playing and women and men were cooking breakfast. “I’m going to wait here.” He said nervously. You looked at Tao and kissed his cheek. “Tao, don’t worry it will be okay.” You said letting go and walking out into the field.

“Y/N! You’re home!” You sister called out. Several others stopped what they were doing and gathered around you in the field.

“Are you alright child? What happened?”

“Y/N did the wolves get you?”

“Why did you not show up yesterday?”

Questions were asked by many people. You asked for some space but not many people listened. You Father and Mother separated the crowd, embracing you and asking you what happened that delayed your arrival.

“Y/N, What happened out there?” Your Father asked you. You walked over to him and looked him in the eye. “I ran into trouble, but someone saved me.” You said quickly. Your Father looked you over trying to see if you were hurt. “Who saved you my child? I must know.” You backed away and held a hand up. “Let me show you.”

You ran quickly back to the woods to get Tao. He was still there, nervous and shaky. “Come on Tao, they want to meet you.” Tao stepped back. “What if they don’t approve?” You took his hand and pulled him into the field. “We will never know until we try.” You said leading him back over to your family and friends. 
“Y/N, who is this?” Your Father asked.

You looked at Tao and nudged him, smiling and holding his hand to help him out. “My name is Tao, I’m one of the twelve.” Gasps and whispers were heard across the group. “Your daughter was injured and I came across her, I did my best to make her well again and in the process I have fallen for her Sir.” He said speaking directly to your father and no one else. “I don’t want to have our people fight anymore, and I come asking to take your daughter’s hand and form an alliance with our people and end this war.”

You Father seemed to not buy Tao’s words, he prepared to speak but you stopped him. “Dad, what Tao says is true and more. If you are doubting his word I assure you-” You said being interrupted by your Father. “Tao, I do believe you, but this is my only daughter. If what you say is true then I grant you her hand. End this madness, no more blood can be shed.

Tao smiled and turned to you, he hugged you tightly. “Yes, of course Sir. I will return and inform my people.”

~That night~

Wolves and witches sat beside one another, the war was over, because of love. No one even remembered why it had started. There was a large festival and a peace agreement signed.

Tao walked over to you and sat down beside you putting his arm around you kissing your cheek. “Y/N, I love you.” He said quietly. You looked at him and smiled real big and held his hand. “Thank you for saving me Tao.”

“Saving you was the best thing I ever did Y/N.” 


-belongs to xoxozitao

❄ Xiumin – A little Wonder land❄

❄ Xiumin – A little Wonder land❄

So back when I was on a exo scenario blog I wrote this, they deleted all my stuff but luckily a friend of mine reminded me I had a notebook of the scenarios printed. So I re-typed one of my favorites. 
❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅
You worked for a forensic biologist in South Korea. Your job was to try and find a way to unfreeze life forms that had been frozen and make them viable again. It was the day before Halloween and even though everyone had left hours ago, you continued working on a project: Project Unfreeze to be exact. The thought of being able to bring dead, frozen things back to life freaked you out but the science behind it was fascinating. You were the only person on this project, and you had been for the past two years. Your boss, Mr. Kim, has always been a strong supporter of your experiments and thought that ‘Project Unfreeze’ could potentially change the world.

Your Boss had been kind enough to give everyone Halloween and the weekend off but even though you weren’t going to get paid for it, you would probably be at the lab every day. “Y/N, You’re still here?” Your boss said, putting a coat on over his work clothes. He was an older man with slightly graying hair who had taught you everything you knew about Microbiology and Forensic Science. “Ah, yes sir. I will finish this up quickly and lock up the lab before I leave.” You said, bowing as he began to lock up his office. “That’s fine. Don’t work yourself too hard though. Make sure you get some rest on your time off and enjoy the vacation.” You nodded and continued working on your experiment as your boss left.

“Just a few more drops should do it…” You mumbled as you tried a solution on a frozen poppy flower. It had been exposed to frost and died making it one of the better test subjects that you could work on. The flower began turning a light green and leaned towards the UV lamp you had overhead. “Yes! Okay little guy let’s go document you.” You said picking up the flower. This wasn’t the first time one of your experiments had worked, but trying things on plants was different from trying them on anything else so your boss always made sure you had enough dead plants to bring back to life around in the freezer.

You walked carefully down stairs into the basement which was where all tested and untested “subjects” were stored. Most of them were plants or very small animals. However, there were the occasional Boar that had died mysteriously or the small dogs and cats that were donated for autopsy. That was probably the freakiest things you had seen down in the basement, because you mainly stuck to the plant room, you even had an area where all of your experiments and future experiments were placed.

You noticed one of the freezer doors were left open by one of your careless co-workers. So as per protocol, you had to go to the back and check the temperature. It was cold, hopefully cold enough. You shivered as you made your way back to the end on the freezer checking the thermostat. “Standard is -40°C and it’s -27°C That’s a problem.” You said flipping the Gage up to high power so the temperature would go back down. When you walked back to the door, you realized it was shut. You pushed against the door but it was no good. Once the high power switch was thrown, the door wouldn’t open until the temperature had reached the standard amount. You panicked. If you didn’t figure something out soon, you could freeze to death, just like your precious plants.

You were freezing, remembering that there was always emergency equipment in each freezer you began to search for it. When you couldn’t find it you realized that it was already -33°C. How much longer were you going to be able to make it? You had made your way to the back, still looking for the emergency button. “It is probably caked under all the ice on the walls.” You thought to yourself as you searched the last corner. A small red object jutted from outside the wall. When you pushed it a red haze filled the freezer and you felt blasts of warm air fill the room. Within minutes the temperature was up and there was a loud alarm going off. You stumbled over the not wet yet slick icy floor, until you slipped and had to hold onto something for support. When you looked up at what you were holding onto you realized the ice had been hiding a big secret. Inside the capsule that had broken your fall was a man.

“Oh my God.” You screamed jumping back. Peering into the capsule you stared at the man. He appeared to be asleep but you knew better, he was frozen, dead. You wiped away some slush at the bottom of the capsule to see if he had a name. “Kim Minseok.” You read aloud. There were dates by his name, when you did the math you realized he had died at 24, surprisingly young.

“If curiosity killed the cat then I’m definitely going to get killed for this.”You thought pulling the capsule door open. It was still very cold in the freezer so you knew it wouldn’t deteriorate his body by exposing him to the air. “I am so messed up.” You said as you opened the door and stood back to look him over. There was frost around his face, which was surprisingly attractive. You had to slap yourself to think straight, you were gawking at a dead guy. “Frozen, not dead.” You thought and reached for your solution that unfroze the poppy flower. You unscrewed off the cap of the test tube and stood on the edge of the capsule placing the test tube by Minseok’s mouth attempting to give it to him. Tilting the test tube upwards, you watched the solution drip into his mouth, his grayish white skin turned beige then pink. It seemed that he had taken a breath but you couldn’t tell.

His eyes opened and looked straight at you. You screamed, jumping back and dropping the glass test tube. Minseok jumped back against the glass of the capsule and screamed. You stopped screaming and looked at him curiously. “Don’t hurt me.” You said quickly without thinking.

“Hurt you? Why would I? And why where you screaming? Where am I?” Minseok asked scratching his head and looking around. You stayed a few steps away from him and continued to look him over. “Are you Kim Minseok?” You asked pointing to the capsule. He nodded and looked to where you were pointing. “What is this?” He said crouching down on the ground running his fingers over his name.

“It’s a capsule made of a type of glass and contains chemicals that scientists use to preserve things. Like dead things.”You said licking you lips which were blue, partially because you had just scared the bejezus out of yourself and partially because it was super cold. Minseok stood up and walked over to you. “You’re telling me I was dead, and ‘preserved’ in that thing for almost 30 years? So how did you bring me back? And Why?” He said.

You pointed to the broken glass on the floor. “I’m a Forensic Biologist, I study how to unfreeze plants and make them viable again. I used the solution I made to unfreeze you.” You said, your voice shaking a bit. Minseok sat down and had the expression on his face like he was deep in thought about some conflict. “Well, do you know how I died?” He asked. You felt bad. He wasn’t some guinea pig you experimented on, he was a real human being, and you had a big problem. “Um, well no. I have no idea who you are. All I know is your name, Kim Minseok.” You said closing the capsule and sitting beside him. He looked confused and said. “Call me Xiumin, that’s what my friends called me.”He said giving you a fake smile.

“Well, Xiumin. I have an idea. Today just so happens to be Halloween Eve, so why don’t I show you what you missed?” You said offering to show him around. Xiumin smiled and stood up. “Sure! I’m sure the world has changed since I was around.” He said looking around. “But, um, where are we exactly.” You looked up, there was still the issue with the frozen door. “We are in a freezer and we need to get out.” You said walking towards the door. Most of the ice had melted away but it was still going to be a challenge to get out. You and Minseok pushed up against the door until it opened, releasing you from the cold dungeon.

You closed the door back and locked it. “The freezer will balance the temperature back by itself. So we can go now.” You said hanging your lab coat up and cutting the lights off. Xiumin looked around curiously at everything. He seemed amazed by all the things that were scattered about in your lab. “I’m hungry.” He said looking at pictures of plants on your desk.

“Me to, we can pick something up.” You said letting him walk out of your lab and into the entrance of the building. You didn’t want to listen to that voice inside your head that was telling you everything about this situation was wrong. You wanted to listen to the voice that said there was nothing wrong which also told you this Xiumin was attractive. You were the only one who knew he existed, and you wanted to keep it that

When you walked outside you realized it had gotten a lot colder than you had expected. When you checked you phone it said the temperature was only 33°F, which was only .5°C. “It got colder than expected.” You said shivering in the cold. Xiumin put his jacket around you and took your hand. “Do you mind if I keep you warm?”He asked. You leaned into his arms and walked to your car. “No, I don’t mind.” You said.

When you got into your car you started it and turned on the heat. Pulling out of the garage where the employees parked their cars and onto the main road. The road seemed to sparkle and that’s when you realize a thick frost was covering everything. “This is really strange for October.” You said. Xiumin didn’t respond but just sat quietly in the passenger’s seat. You drove until you found a place that was serving take-out this late. When you finally found a decent place to get food you parked your car and walked with Xiumin inside. There were only a few people in the restaurant. An old man sat by the door smoking and nodded as we walked inside. “Strange weather we’re having, isn’t it?” He asked. You nodded and replied, “It really is strange, I have never seen this much frost in October.”

A young woman took your order and asked if you and Minseok wanted to sit down. “The weather is so bad, perhaps you should eat in?” You looked to Xiumin, who didn’t seem to mind so you sat down at a booth.

“So, tell me. Do you have a name?” He asked once he had sat down across from you. You laughed and realized all this time you had not even properly introduced yourself. “Yes, my name is Hwang Aeseoli.” You said drinking some tea that the waitress had brought. Xiumin looked up at you. “Your name means frost and you work as a biologist who studies frozen things? How interesting.”

You laughed. “Yes, my name rare as it is, means frost. I think it’s a good name, because it suits me.” Xiumin laughed a bit. Food was brought to the table and he didn’t waste any time getting to it. “You must be really hungry. Is it good?” You asked.

Xiumin nodded eagerly, you could tell he hadn’t eaten in thirty years. “It’s amazing! I forgot how good food was.”

After you ate, you paid for the meal, Xiumin apologized a lot for not paying. “Don’t worry. I wouldn’t expect you to have money, so don’t worry about it.” You said stepping out of the restaurant to find a dust of snow on the ground. “Omo. It’s snowing.” You said looking up. Xiumin looked up as well and grinned. “It’s so pretty! Y/N. It looks like dust, softening everything.” You nodded and smiled. “Yes but we are not dressed warmly enough the cold. Come on, you will get sick.” You said nudging him towards the car.

“Where are we going?” He asked with that smile on his face, the smile that made it seem like everything was okay, even though it wasn’t, none of it was.
“We are going to go to my house, and build a fire to keep us warm.” Minseok nodded and began asking if you had any cocoa to make hot chocolate with, or any good movies that had come out.

❅ Little did you know the climatologists and government had issued a worldwide emergency. The Earth was literally freezing over.❅

Once you made it home there was already nearly a foot of snow on the ground. You were surprised, your car had made it that far in so much snow. You hurried inside with Minseok, he helped you get blankets and start a fire in your fireplace. You made snacks and picked out movies, letting that voice inside your head tell you again that nothing was wrong.

Sometime that night you fell asleep on the couch. Minseok got up and carried you to bed, he laid down beside you and curled up under the blankets but didn’t sleep. “Please, don’t be angry with me if I have to go Y/N. If I could I would stay in this world with you forever.” He kissed your forehead and then watched the snow fall out your bedroom window.

❅A disaster has befallen the Earth, and you don’t even know it. ❅

The next morning, cold hit you like thousands of sharp needles sticking to your skin. You cringed for warmth but there was none, the only warmth you could have was from the sleeping man beside you. You curled up beside him trying to share whatever body warmth you and him had. He woke instantly and looked at you. “Are you cold?” He asked curiously. You couldn’t make words form in your mouth so you just nodded. He pulled you into his arms and sighed. “I have to go back Y/N.”

You were confused. “Go back to where Minseok?”

Xiumin pulled away from you and stood up. “This weather, the snow, the frost, and air. They are all like this because I have returned. I am the reason your world has begun to freeze.” You sat up confused and afraid.

“Xiumin…I don’t understand.” You said reaching for his hand.

“I was put in that capsule because I have a power, one that I cannot control. I summon frost, as if it is a mere pawn in my hand. But I can’t control it, so I was put there until someone was able to understand it. Y/N you never should have unfroze me. I was meant to remain in that capsule forever.” He said looking at his hands. “I’m a monster, a demon… a disgrace.” He said finally.

You didn’t know what to say. You had gotten so caught up in the connection you felt for him that you almost wanted the world to freeze over, because you had the only antidote to keep a frozen life form alive and you could be with him forever. But that wasn’t how it was meant to be.

“So you’re just going to go back to that capsule, and sit there for an eternity. Minseok that isn’t fair.” You said walking over behind him. He turned and looked at you. “It is fair, I don’t mind really. And I at least got to meet you. I got to live, if it were only for a short while. I thank you for showing me what I was missing but it isn’t worth it if the whole world has to suffer.”

He was right. This was wrong. It had been the whole time.

“How bad is it already?” You asked him.

“The earth on average has already dropped 30 degrees. And within the next hour it could drop up to 16 more, we have to hurry.” He said. You dressed quickly and walked outside. There was nearly four feet of snow on the ground, you were going to have to walk. “Xiumin, it will take hours to get there with this much snow.” He held his hand up to the air. A hard blanket of frost rose from the snow making a solid path for us to walk on. “Let’s go.”

You walked in front of him across the path that grew with every step. You held onto his hand so you wouldn’t slip, and also because you would never get to hold his hand again. The path eventually made it to the lab. A fierce blizzard forced strong winds and icy bits of frost into your face. Only you were inside, you fell down onto the floor exhausted from the walk.

“Where are the freezers?” Minseok asked you. You shook your head and lead him down to the basement. “I don’t want to do this.” You said. Xiumin grabbed you hand and backed you up against a wall. “I know you don’t. But you have to. I know how you feel, I have known the whole time. That voice in your head telling you it was okay to open up to me, okay to be with me, that voice was mine. I mislead you, I did. But I didn’t do it in vain. Love is never vain, not when it is the right kind of love.” You cried softly, refusing to look at him. “Y/N, don’t cry. It’s nothing to cry about.” He said wiping away your tears. When he touched the tears on your cheeks they turned into tiny crystals. He took the crystals in his hand and made a fist with them. He put his hand above yours and when he opened his hand a small snowflake shaped crystal dropped into your palm. “I will never forget you Y/N. Take this, and never forget me.” He said looking into your eyes.

You tried to hold back your tears but you couldn’t. You threw your arms around him and cried. “You have to go. I understand.” You said quietly. Xiumin didn’t respond instead he kissed your forehead and walked into the freezer. He looked back at you before stepping into the capsule. He waved and closed the glass door. You watched as he returned to his frozen state. Your heart ached but you knew it was the right thing. Closing the freezer, you held the crystal snowflake close to your chest and climbed up the stairs.

You stepped outside to find the sun shining brightly, all the clouds gone and the snow beginning to melt.

“I will never forget you Xiumin.”

He watched over her from his world through the snowflake. He guided her, watched over her, and protected her as if he were actually with her.

-belongs to xoxozitao

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[17072014] Exo Tao Fanaccount


After signing an autograph for a fan, Tao told her, ‘I apologise for making you wait for so long.’ The fan was taken back as she didn’t expect him to be so nice.

cr: 灭灭mayy

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Tao Fanaccount: Psychologist confirms Tao is an Angel


The fan who showed 20 random passerby’s three videos of Tao (Cuts from 2012 Happy Camp, 2014 Happy Camp, and his solo performance from the Chongqing concert) as told in this fanaccount also talked to her friend who is a psychologist and showed her the three videos.

Her friend only said two…

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